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Experts make everything easier. That sounds like a given, but in the world of software, it can be tough to get the expertise you need while staying within the budgetary restraints you may have. As businesses, we have all gone through the process of weighing our options to have an expert on a software platform.

Really, there are usually two options. First, you can hire someone who is considered an expert in their field from a large company or consulting group. Generally, this comes with a steep price tag, whether it is hiring a full-time employee or bringing in a consultant. That expert title drives up cost, much like adding the term “wedding” to the word photographer adds an extra zero to your bottom line. While you generally will get the knowledge and experience you are seeking (but not always), you are left making tough decisions in order to stay on budget.

The second option is internal training. While this doesn’t affect your budget number in the same way, there are certainly a litany of costs associated with this, including training costs, but most importantly productivity costs brought on by reallocating team members for the time it takes to get up to speed on the platform.

And introductory training, even to attain a working knowledge of a software, does not an expert make. The initial training is key, sure, but time is the real ingredient in gaining expertise. No matter how attentive a trainee is, a training course can never go into the full detail needed to show how powerful a software platform can be. Sure, it is a great start. But do not expect expertise to come out of a three-day training.

This is where VERAS Partners can help. We bridge that gap between the necessary expertise and a cost-effective price point and structure that brings know-how to your business immediately. Our team has years of experience in the software that we support and can hit the ground running. With backgrounds in ERP systems, financial reporting, HR and payroll, and the technical know-how, our group of experts can make an immediate impact on your reporting software with rates that make sense.

Contact us now to give it a try at info@veraspartners.com or fill out this contact form on our website. Our consultation can be purchased by the hour, so you can tailor your purchase to fit your needs. Whether you need just-in-time training on a specific topic, upgrade services, or a new report created, our experts are available to help.