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What if you could improve a report or month end process in just a few hours, would you? Most people would answer a resounding “Yes” but realize they don’t have the time or expertise. Finding the right consultant who fits your budget with availability can be a difficult task. Consider the advantages of hiring a consultant from a small business. Bringing in a consultant to help streamline a process or build out a few reports will not only save your team time but also create a positive ripple effect within your company. Working with a small business means that you, the customer, will benefit from the following:

VIP status. As a smaller company with limited clients, you hold not only more value but also recognition. 

Educated customer support. When you have questions or need assistance, you will have access to a customer support team with prior knowledge of your organization and project. No need to waste time getting a new person up to speed.

Better rates. Small companies don’t have the overhead of a large company and can offer you a lower rate for a consultant with the same level, if not more, expertise.

Still wondering if you should hire a consultant? Consider these 3 ways a consultant will save your organization time and money:

Expertise:  Your existing resources may not have the knowledge or skill-set to accomplish your project. Using an expert will save you time and money and will likely help educate/train existing staff on new features or functionality of the software.

Process improvement: Using an expert means that you will benefit from their past experiences and knowledge. They may have suggestions and ideas that would greatly benefit your company based on past successes at other companies. 

Training: Consultants provide training focused on your needs.  Is it time to invest in your staff and get them up to speed on a specific topic or feature?  Using a consultant gives you the flexibility to create a training plan specifically for your team.