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What to do during a “Socket Read Timeout”?

I know, talk about meaningless errors while you are developing ERP reports. Though, you may still be graced further with one of the be all end all delights of an “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”. Don’t panic though – you haven’t lost your work yet.

Typically, if you can “OK” out of the error and try to do something else, like Open a folder or Save, you’ll be granted a reprieve where you can then reconnect and continue working. Why did it happen in the first place? A disconnect can happen for various reasons, like your internet connection, but I’ve found that this one often happens if you are working in an application where the database resides somewhere very far away. Far away and you are using a desktop version of the application, as opposed to web version or VPN-ing into the server. By “very far”, I mean – this shouldn’t be an issue unless you are almost on another continent. If it’s only a couple thousand miles, there are some other settings/limits/concurrency that we can talk about.