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Did you know that you can see that last time a report was modified, accessed and who it was created by, just by going to the Open folder? It can be very useful in determining the starting point of a report as well, i.e. Which template did it originate from?

A range of other properties are available as well.

From the Open folder, right click on the white bar, where you see the “Name” header. A drop-down will appear. Select all the columns of properties that you’d like to add to your Open folder dialog:

Similarly, from the Administration Application, right click on the Documents folder and select Search:

Right click near the Name header to see a dropdown of available columns and check each attribute that you would like to add.  By clicking at the top of any column, the documents will be sorted by that column.

*Special Note:  In release 2016.1 SP1, only Name & Location will display.