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Do you have users who are licensed to use Hubble® but may not be actively using it at present?  

Rather than expending more on licenses, it may be time to perform an inventory over those which you already own. From there, you can remove licenses that are not being used and assign them to users who are either in need of accessing the application or are more likely to use it.

How do I know the last time a user accessed Hubble®?

From the Administration application, License Assignments. The License Assignments dialog will show you if a user has ever logged in and the last time the user has logged in. For some users, a long absense from logging in may be due to the role they play in reporting, i.e. Budgeting users for instance, who may only log-in during the budgeting season. For others, if it’s been a few months, or 6 months or a time-span that seems long for your organization, it may be time to reassign licenses to another or new user. 

In Administration, under the Users and Groups folder, right click on Everyone and select License Assignments: