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As a Hubble® Designer or Power user, you are used to creating reports that you can run adhoc and update filter parameters on the fly, whether reporting on General Ledger, Sales Order, Payroll, or whatever other module you might use.

Any report created by a Designer user can be shared as is with other designer users as long as they are granted permissions to the report by the report’s creator, or a Hubble® Administrator.

However, there is another Hubble® user type that you should think about when designing your reports in order to plan to disseminate the useful information to as many users as possible. This is an Explorer user. Explorer users are unable to create reports themselves but are able to run reports that are specifically designed for them and to which they have the proper Hubble® permissions.

Because Explorer users are unable to write their own reports, they rely on Designer and Power users to publish reports that are specifically set up to give them what they need to access the data they are after.

In order to do this, open a report you would like to publish for an Explorer user. You can use previously created reports so that you do not have to start from scratch. When you look across the ribbons on the top, find the “Explorer” ribbon and click on that.

In the screenshot above, notice that I have clicked on the “explorer Preview” button. This toggle button will show you what an Explorer user will see. Notice that on the report, there are no filters, no QBE line, no date selectors, or anything.

We will need to bring those onto the report for Explorer users. With “Explorer Preview” toggled on, click on the “Explorer Filter Layout” button right next to it. This will open up the Filter Design window, similar to the one you use when Designing a report for yourself.

In order to design for the Explorer user, drag from the left pane to the right pane to set up the filters and selectors available on this report for your Explorer users to access.

Once you click “Apply” and “OK”, you will now see these filters available in the “Explorer Preview”. From here you can add in particular Business Units, Dates, or other filter criteria if you want to limit the options for your Explorer users, or you can leave them open and empty.

Be sure to save and now your report is ready for consumption by your Explorer users.